Emblem 2007-09-05  MAIGOC

  The Shinning Sun that represents the ever-glimmering and warm spirit of the Asian people is the emblem of Olympic Council of Asia, and represents OCA’s vital role in Asia’s sport development and cohesion. At the same time, it symbolises passion, charm and unity of the people in Asia. The design of the emblem is based on two Chinese characters: the powerful yellow strokes form the character “People”, reflecting the vigor, vitality and unity of all people involved, whereas two sturdy blue strokes form the character “Two”, representing the second edition of the Asian Indoor Games. The two green vertical strokes complete the design, representing sturdy growing plants, which symbolize both the environmental commitment of the host city, as well as the aspiration for the Asian Indoor Games to grow steadily into the future. Together, the six simple, yet powerful strokes produce an image of a house set on solid ground, signifying that Macao, a youthful and energetic multi-cultural city, will serve as a solid foundation for future Asian Indoor Games.