East Timor Prime Minister Ramos Horta and Manuel Silvério unveil new headquarters of East Timor NOC 2007-09-05 18:34  MAIGOC


  In23 July afternoon, at Dili, capital city of EastTimor, the new headquarters of East Timor National Olympic Committee was unveiledjointly by Prime Minister Ramos Horta of the country and OCA Vice-president ManuelSilvério. In the ceremony, the flags of East Timorand OCA were hoisted.

  The new headquarters was constructed with patronagefrom Olympasia program, a cooperation project between OCA and Daimler-Chryslerof the United States.

  “Sports are important not only to improve thephysical health of the citizens, but to stimulate the developments of thesociety and cultures,” said President João Carrascalão of East Timor NOC in hisspeech.

  Ramos Horta, present prime minister and former foreignminister of the country, has been showing great supports to the developments ofOlympic sports in East Timor. He was once theacting president of East Timor NOC after independence.

  NOC President Carrascalão extends his appreciationto the Macau Olympic Committee for its continuous supports and assistance, and considersMOC as the “elder brother” of East Timor NOC.

  On behalf of OCA President Sheikh Ahmad Al-FahadAl-Sabah, Manuel Silvério expressedin his messagethat continuous supports shallbe firmly given to the developments of Olympic sports in EastTimor and its NOC. While glad to see Ramos Horta taking the postof prime minister, Manuel Silvério emphasised that OCA would not neglect EastTimor as a member in the sports circles of Asia and of the world. As theChairman of 1st Lusofonia Games Organising Committee, he was“pleasantly surprised to see East Timor’sdetermination to go through all difficulties along the way for the 1stLusofonia Games.”

  Prime Minister Ramos Horta expressed hisgratitudes in his speech to OCA for their supports towards the development ofthe country’s sports circle.Thegovernment is now giving priorities to public order and human rights, yet supportsto local sports community still take a place in government’s policy andfinancial budget. In fact, East Timorconsiders sports are vital to improve the quality of the general public, ofwhich a large proportion is in young age.

  After the ceremony, Prime Minister RamosHorta met Manuel Silvério individually with the presence of Ambassador Su Jian ofPeople’s Republic of Chinain East Timor.In the meeting, Manuel Silvério introduced to the prime minister theprogress on the preparation of the 1st Lusofonia Games.While extending good wishes to the success ofthe games, Ramos Horta hoped he could join the opening ceremony on 7 October inMacau, showing supports to his country’sdelegation in which performance he has full confidence.