MAIGOC presenting the preparations for the AIG in the East Asian Forum 2007-09-05 18:34  MAIGOC


  The OCA Regional Forum for East Asia NOCs was held on May 27 and 28 in Hong Kong. Headed by Vice President of OCA and Chairmanof the Board of Directors of MAIGOC Manuel Silvério, a delegation composed of Bruno Nunes,Company Secretary; Isabel da Silva and Gisela Nunes, directors of MAIGOC; WongWai Lapand Lui Sek Chiu, coordinator and member of the Medical Services Committee ofACOLOP respectively, attended the Forum and introduced the preparations for the2nd Asian Indoor Games to encourage the NOC members to participatein the new sports event. Attendees from Macaoalso include Eddie Laam Wah Ying, Charles Lo, Frederico Marques Nolascoda Silva, President,Secretary General and Treasurer of the Macau Olympic Committee respectively.

  This Forum is acontinuation of the AIG promotion activities after the West Asian Forum in Jordan, Central Asian Forum in Uzbekistan and East South Asian Forum in Laos.

  Officiatingguests in the Opening Ceremony of the Forum include Timothy Fok, President of Sports Federationand Olympic Committee of Hong Kong & Vice-President of the Olympic Councilof Asia; ManuelSilvério, VicePresident of OCA; Anissa Wong Sean Yee, JP Director of Leisure &Cultural Services of Hong Kong; Raja Randhir Singh, Secretary General of OCA;Olivier Niamkey, Manager of Olympic Solidarity of International OlympicCommittee, as well as Haider Farman, Asian Games Manager of OCA, together with42 representatives from the NOCs of China, DPR Korea, Hong Kong China, Japan,Korea, Macao China, Mongolia and Chinese Taipei.

  “This Forum gives an opportunity to exchange experience and update eachother with the latest development of their sports circles,” said Anissa Wong SeanYee in her speech. Timothy Fokwelcomed the NOC representatives and expressed his pleasure to see that Macao is organising the1st Lusofonia Games in 2006 and 2nd Asian Indoor Games in2007 on top of its successful experience in the East Asian Games.

  In the Forum, MAIGOC presented the progress report of the 2ndAsian Indoor Games and updated the participants with competition schedule, rulesand regulations of entry, arrangement of accommodation and transportation, and generalinformation of the city, with the aim to encourage more participations.

  A delegation of Changchun Asian Winter Games OrganisingCommittee led by An Li, Vice Mayor of Changchun arrived in HongKong. Their delegate also presented the progress report of theAsian Winter Games in the Forum. Other items in the agenda include brief reportof Doha Asian Games, bidding progress for the 2014 Asian Games presented by therepresentatives from New Delhi India and Incheon Korea,latest information about WADA and Olympic Solidarity, and the study results aboutathlete psychology presented by Dr. Zhang Liwei, professor of PsychologyInstitute of the BeijingSport University.

  On the first day of the Forum, the participants were headed bythe organiser – the Sports Federation and Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, tovisit the Olympic House, where were at the same time hosting the awardingceremonies of “2006 Sports and Community Award” of International OlympicCommittee and 2006 Doha Asian Games Youth Drawing Contest for Pan Asia Region(Hong Kong). In the evening, Timothy Fokhosted a dinner to receive all participants in his mansion.