Manuel Silvério met with Bishops of Dili and Baucau 2007-09-05 18:34  MAIGOC


  In 24th morning, Bishop AlbertoRicardo da Silva of Dili, capital cityof East Timor, metin his residence with Vice-president of OCA Manuel Silvério individually.Bishop Silva pointed out that people in East Timorwould never forget those who helped them out of difficulties.

  Showing great interest in the 1st Lusofonia Games, Bishop Silvais ready to promote the games via the sports organizations and educationalinstitutes in the church, as he recalls the days when he studied in ColégioDiocesano de São José in Macau.

  “Sports event is undoubtedly an effective way to promote peace in thesociety and unite communities of different languages, religions and cultures,”said Manuel Silvério as he passed this message from President of OCA SheikhAhmad Al-Fahad Al-Sabah. As OCA Vice-president, Manuel Silvério will report tothe Executive Board the real situation of sports development in East Timor, sothat OCA could come up with any workable plan to assist EastTimor in their sports circle.

  On 25th in Baucau, the second largest city of EastTimor, ManuelSilvério visited the sports facilities there. Bishop D. Basilio Nasciment anddistrict head there introduced to ManuelSilvério the development progress of sports community in the city.

  “Most development plans aresuspended, as the earlier unrest in Dili pushes around 30,000 refugees to hereand they are now staying in stadiums and other sports facilities,” they said.According to Bishop Nasciment, educating people in different aspects is the mosturgent task. The church is taking charge of 117 schools with over 27,000students.

  Given the strong links between sports facilities and the church in East Timor, Manuel Silvério believes East TimorNOC and the church is undividable partner of each other, as far as thedevelopment of local sports circle is concerned.

  The bishops are showinggreat interest and intentions to participate in the 1st LusofoniaGames. “It carries symbolic significance joining the Lusofonia Games in Macau,” said Bishop Silva.