First meeting of the newly elected Media Committee: Opening more channels for closer communications between OCA and the media 2007-06-28 18:35  MAIGOC


  The Media Committee of the OlympicCouncil of Asia (OCA) gathered in Macau forthe first time on 27th June during the period of 2ndAsian Indoor Games (2AIG) Chef-de-Mission Meeting.The meeting was presided over by OCA MediaCommittee Chairman Manuel Silvério, with the presence of OCA Director Generaland Technical Director Husain Al Musallam and other members of the Media Committee.The floor has analyzed and discussed OCAfuture development in the area of media relations, which will contribute to anoverall proposal to be presented in the Executive Board Meeting in Macau in October.TheMacau 2nd Asian Indoor GamesOrganising Committee (MAIGOC) representatives also participated in this meetingto introduce the detail arrangements of media services and broadcasting for theGames.

  As the Standing Committee of OCAresponsible to manage and disseminate news release to the media, members of thenew Media Committee listened to presentations on OCA’s vision of media servicesdevelopment, OCA medical and doping control procedures and regulations, OCAcommercialprogram as well as 2AIG mediaand broadcasting arrangements.OCADirector General and Technical Director Husain Al Musallam expressed, through theresearch of the Media Committee in sketching the future approach and layout of theirwork, it is hoped that the communication between OCA and the media can bestrengthened, while reinforcing the mechanism of news release.He added, “Within these four years term ofoffice, there will be at least 7 mutlisports events to be held under the OCA, thereforethe Media Committee will be working with the various organizing committees indeveloping and perfect administrative system to aid the provision ofbroadcasting and media services for all the upcoming games.”The Director General further revealed that inorder to make the task more systematic and consistent, the Media Committee canbe the administrative unit of media services for all the future Asian games.Added to the meeting, Husain Al Musallamupdated the participants that Patrick Furlong has recently joined the OCA asthe Broadcasting Advisor.PatrickFurlong was Director of Broadcast and Media Services for the Doha Asian Gamesin 2006, and he will work with the Media Committee to outline general plans forbroadcasting services of future Asian Games.

  In the meeting, OCA Manager for AntiDoping Mahmoud Ali introduced to all Media Committee members the procedure ofdoping control during the Games and pointed out that in the usual procedure,two samples will be collected for examination and analysis before theCommission can decide whether an athlete has drug-induced pseudo-positive responseor not.The matter is the imperfectdesign of the news release system in certain past events had led to unnecessarymisunderstandings since it was discovered that some testing results wereuncovered before the result of the second sample was released.Therefore, it is extremely important tomaintain a suitable timing in the releasing of news, to avoid confusion of the mediaon the various situations that may occur.

  Moreover, to ensure that the MediaCommittee will comply with the OCA in safeguarding the marketing program, andto provide the best service to its official partners, Donna Furlong, Head ofSponsorship of OCA appointed Marketing Agent PromoSeven, introduced the marketingwork related to media activities, showing them the protection and regulation ofsponsors trademark/logo display.

  MAIGOC Manager of Media Services andBroadcasting Candida Ramos updated the participants with the preparations inthe relevant area of work for the 2AIG to be held this coming October.The Main Press Centre will be located in TheVenetian Macau Resort Hotel, and media can enjoy free catering here as well asin the three canteens of the Games. MAIGOC will also provide and free shuttleservices as in the previous Games.

  Thisis the first meeting of the Media Committee after the members’ appointment atthe 50th OCA Executive Board Meeting in Almaty of Kazakhstan last month.Committee Chairman Manuel Silvério indicated that the next meeting willbe hosted in Macau during the 2ndAsian Indoor Games between 26th October and 3rd November,during which the OCA Executive Board Meeting and General Assembly will also beheld.In the meantime, the MediaCommittee has planned to keep in touch for the exchange of ideas in order to outlinethe various plans of the Committee, to present it in the OCA Executive BoardingMeeting for further discussion.