Macau 2007, Euro 2008 and candidates for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games host city made presentations Asian Indoor Games highlighted in Austria 2007-06-18 18:35  MAIGOC


  “TheOlympic Council of Asia (OCA) has placed great emphasis and commitment in media-relatedareas, which we are dedicated towards creating a more direct and regular channelsof communication with you.We keenly hopethat these meetings will become a regular part of your annual agenda, duringwhich we will be able to update you on our work for Asian sport.” MAIGOC ChairmanManuel Silvério welcomed the international sports press to establishingeffective channels of communication during his participation at the 70thAIPS Congress in Bregenz of Austria.

  Manuel Silvério,who is also OCA Vice President and newly elected Media Committee Chairman,presented the ideas to around 400 participants in the Congress. During the afternoonon 17 May, several presentations of sports events were made including the Euro2008, the Macau 2007, 2nd Asian Indoor Games, and the candidates for the 2014Winter Olympic Games host city. When addressing to journalists from over 100countries, Manuel Silvério referred to the sport press as an ‘extension of the SportFamily.’“Your work promotes andencourages the development of Sport and the Olympic movement, whether in directand indirect ways.”

  He added,“Objective journalistic coverage is crucial in providing the most up-to-dated informationto the world. It is through the sharing of knowledge that higher level of consciousnessis reached on issues with great importance, from sportsmanship to the mostrecent concerns.”The Media Committee Chairmanbriefly introduced OCA history and explained its decision in creating moremultisports events due to the great developments of the Asian Games in the pastyears.The new events will assist thedevelopment of newer sports, and also create more opportunities to Asianathletes.

  “It isunder this context that the Beach Indoor Games and the Asian Indoor Games arecreated,” he furthered introduced, the sports program, venues and theobjectives of this October Asian Indoor Games in the Macao SAR. Manuel Silvériopresentation was concluded with a video highlighting the Macau 2007, 2nd AsianIndoor Games. Participants also received an information kit on the Gamesincluding which are the accreditation application forms. Macao has received positive feedbacks fromthe AIPS members, who have started details enquiries of the Games. They alsounderlined the fact that being such a small city, Macao is well prepared to host such asizeable event.

  Asidefrom his presentation yesterday (17 May), Manuel Silvério was invited to attendthe meeting of the AIPS Asian Continental Section. The agenda also included thepresentation of the “Peace through Sport” program, a joint project of theUnited Nations and the International Olympic Committee, which is an initiative ofHRH Prince Faisal Al-Hussein, President of the Jordan Olympic Committee. Theprogram aims to summit young leaders from countries in political and social conflicts,to establish bridges to Peace through Sports. Also Chairman of an OCA StandingCommittee like Manuel Silvério, HRH Prince Faisal Al-Hussein is Chairman of thenewly established OCA Sports & Peace Committee. The AIPS Congressparticipants were received in a dinner hosted by FIFA at the end of the firstday meeting.