Third anniversary of the Association Global ACOLOP 2007-06-07 18:35  MAIGOC

  Following the presentations at the ABU GeneralAssembly last year in Beijing and at the 70thAIPS Congress this May in Bregenz, the Macau 2nd Asia Indoor GamesOrganising Committee (MAIGOC) introduced to over 80 Asia-Pacific BroadcastingUnion (ABU) members yesterday the preparations for the 2nd AsianIndoor Games to be held this October in Macao.MAIGOC has also setup a promotional booth atthe reception area of the conference venue, the Bandos Island Hotel, forenquiries of the Games.

  The Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) and MAIGOCare working with the ABU in the distribution of the broadcasting rights of the 2ndAsian Indoor Games to broadcasters within Asia.At the moment, several broadcasters includingthose from Hong Kong, SriLanka, China,Thailand, Australia and India have expressed stronginterests in acquiring the rights through the ABU.These potential broadcastersin the ABU pool, which will be finalized at the end of this month, will workwith the organizers in the broadcasting promotion and television coverage ofthe 2nd Asian Indoor Games. Therefore, Eurosport, member of EBU, and Koreandelegate also closely discuss above subjects.

  The 40th ABU SportsGroup Conference held between 6 and 7 June in Maldives, convened by ABU SportsGroup Chairman Les Murray, gathered members of the ABU Sport Group indiscussions of diverse topics related to the broadcasting business in Sports,including also the 2008 Beijing Olympics and the Asian Football Cup.One of the main discussions is Asian broadcasters’contributions to sports development in Asia.ABU encourages its members to work hand inhand with the Asian sport circle, to assemble the necessary resources for the developmentof Asia sport, thus providing more opportunities to Asia’sathletes and sports.

  MAIGOCBroadcasting Manager Cândida Ramos accompanied by Broadcasting Advisor of Macau2ndAsian Indoor Games MichaelWilliams called forthe support of the collaborationbetween sports media, broadcasters, and the sport circles to promote Asiasports, “These are the sports of Asia, it is the visions of the OCA that newemerging sports will be recognized, that our youth will be encouraged toparticipate in sports, and that our athletes are given opportunities andsupport.Through our efforts, allcountries and regions in Asia will bestimulated to participate and given the opportunity to participate.”

  Through the organization of the Asian Games,the Asia Winter Games, the Asia Indoor Games and the Beach Games, an Asia sportevent will be held every year to stimulate and promote the diverse sports of Asia. It was under this vision of the OCA that the AsianIndoor Games is created to provide opportunities to these new emerging sportsand their athletes.

  Also presenting yesterday were representativesfrom Euro 2008, World Athlete Championships Osaka 2007, South East Asian (SEA)Games 2007, and the European Broadcasting Union (EBU).The ABU conference participants were receivedby Minister of Information and Arts of the Republic of MaldivesMohamed Nasheed in a dinner hosted at KudaBandos.