Mongolia Olympic Committee visit the headquarters of the Macau Olympic Committee 2007-05-30 18:35  MAIGOC


  Mr.Ch. Naranbaatar, Sports Minister of Mongolian, Mr. Jugder Otgontsagaan,Secretary General of Mongolia Olympic Committee and Mr. Ganbold Davaa, Chairman ofDepartment of Finance, Economy and Treasury of Ulaanbaatar city, havevisited the headquarters of the Macau Olympic Committee (MOC) on 30 May andwere warmly received by President, and Secretary General of MOC, Eddie Laam, andCharles Lo, respectively.

  During the visit, both parts have sharedprecious information in the field of sports and have promised to furtherstrengthen the relations in the future. Ch. Naranbaatar also took thisopportunity to explain the current situation regarding the sports developmentin Mongolia and some aspectsin the preparation of Ulaanbaatarcity as a candidate city for the 6th East Asian Games in 2013. The visitorsalso had a site visit accompanied by Eddie Laam and Charles Lo, to see thefacilities of the MOC.