President of the Mozambique Olympic Committee remarks Manuel Silvério visit to Maputo “Authorities and the family of sports more involved with ACOLOP” 2007-04-23 18:35  MAIGOC


  It is an agreement that assumes a lot of relevance for anOlympic Committee which is investing a lot for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Gamesparticipation. The Macau Olympic Committee (MOC) and the Mozambique Olympic Committee signed an agreement for the organization of training camps before competitions.“The agreementsigned has a deeper level of importance,” President of the Mozambique Olympic Committee MarcelinoMacome, in hisoverall remark of Manuel Silvério visit to Maputo,explained. “itbears an objective for exchanges between the youth of Macau and Mozambique through Sport, which for us is of great significance.”

  The preparation of the Mozambican Sportsdelegation to the 2008 Olympic Games will be the first attainment from this agreement signed during the visit of Manuel Silvério to Maputo. Since most of thesports for the Beijing Olympics are undergoing the qualification phases, Marcelino Macome admitted that “it is difficult to estimate the number of athletes to be in Beijing”and, before then, in Macao. The Mozambique Olympic Committee is making preparations forthe participation of a “reasonable number of athletes.” According toMarcelino Macome, “the coach for the National Female Basketball team is now in the United States, to create better conditions for ourbest athletes in the qualifying matches for the participation of Olympic Games.” Mozambique is dealing with a complicated problem relating with Female Basketball athletes“They play in the United Statesand in Europe, we want themto be present in the national team but that hasn’t been always possible.”

  Putting words toactions

  During the agreement signing ceremony - which wasattended by the Minister of Youth and Sports David Simango, Mário Coluna and other members ofthe local sport community, Manuel Silvério has guaranteed that the MozambicanSports delegation will be provided with the best possible conditions in Macao.Marcelino Macome commented, “I have no doubts that our athletes willbe in good hands, and this agreement is to formalize the cooperation that has already existed,because more that 60 Mozambican athletes have been in Macaoin the last two years.” It is also the fulfillment of one of ACOLOP’ targets –to enhance the relationship between their members – and has allowed the MozambicanSports community to acquire morein-depth knowledge on ACOLOP work.

  Concluding on Manuel Silvério visit to Mozambique, Marcelino Macome believed that thevisit has “reinforced authorities involvement” with the ACOLOP project. Ithas also fostered the relationship between Macau andMozambique Olympic Committees. “We are very honored by this visit,” headded. “The President of ACOLOP was received by the highest authorities which demonstrated their support to the Associationprojects.” The President of the Mozambique NOC also said that “both with thegovernmental authorities and with the Sport circle, Manuel Silvério had the opportunity toexplain the missions and principles of ACOLOP.” The result is “a strongerinvolvement and a deeper notion of what is ACOLOP, and that this Association does a lot more than the organization of theLusofonia Games.”

  Manuel Silvério has been in Maputofor four days and is now in SouthAfrica. Besides the agreement between theNOCs, cooperation opportunities with the Mozambican Writers Association were discussed.The President of ACOLOP also met Mozambique PrimeMinister Luísa Dias Diogo and Minister of Youth and Sports David Simango, Chinese Ambassador to Mozambique TianGuangfeng, and local sports and cultural communities in Maputo.