3rd Meeting of the OCA Coordination Committee for the 2AIG kicked off 2007-04-04 18:35  MAIGOC


  The 3rd Meeting of the OCA Coordination Committee for theMacau 2007, 2nd Asian Indoor Games was convened at MAIGOC’sHeadquarters yesterday.The OrganisingCommittee presented a full report of its preparation for the 2AIG to allparticipants.The meeting is aimed to ensuresmooth organisation of the Games to be hosted this coming October.

  Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture Dr. Chui Sai On, on behalf ofthe Macao SAR Government, welcomed all participants at the 3rd OCACoordination Committee Meeting for the 2AIG. He was delighted thatrepresentatives from OCA, members of the 2nd Asian Indoor GamesCoordination Committee, representatives from the host city of the 3rdAsian Indoor Games Vietnam, as well as respective Technical Delegates andmembers from the local sport associations participation in this importantmeeting.

  “With the 2AIG just more than six months away, you can be assured thatthe Macao SAR Government will continue to fully support MAIGOC in their effortsto prepare and organize a memorable Macau 2007, 2nd Asian IndoorGames. It is without any doubts that we are very much committed to ensuring itssuccess and creating a long term legacy together with OCA for Asia.The Macao SAR Government heartilywelcomes the whole world, especially Asian countries and regions, to Macao inOctober to experience an exciting Asian Indoor Games, in addition to enjoyingthe best of what our city has to offer,” remarked Dr. Chui Sai On.

  Chairman of the 2nd Asian Indoor Games Coordination Committee TimothyFok commented the successfully conclusion that the Macao SAR government hasachieved at the 4th East Asian Games and 1st LusofoniaGames in the past two year, which demonstrates Macao and the OrganisingCommittee’s capacity in organizing large-scale multisport events. In addition,the recently completed venues in Macaohave become an ideal training place for local young people, as well as to help improvinggeneral public’s acknowledgement for sport.

  Chairman of the OCA Sports Committee WeiJizhong reinstated the constitution of OCA, especially on the general policy ofGames organizations, “Sports Federations (SFs) in Asiashould follow the regulations stated in the OCA constitution, and not of theirown. Therefore, each SF can communicate with OCA in order to avoid theunnecessary conflicts.”

  In his opening remarks, Chairman of MAIGOC Mr. Manuel Silvério expressed his heartfelt appreciations to OCA and all the Asia Sports Federation(ASF) for their continuous support, “I am certain the close collaboration between us will ensure thesuccessful organisation of a memorable edition of the AIG. This fundamentalwork began on 1 April, when the Medical and Doping Control Coordination Meetingwas held with the representatives of the OCA Medical and Doping ControlCommission; while the Competitions department is holding individual meetingswith the Technical Delegates on technical issues.The competition schedule has already beenapproved by OCA’s Technical Committee, and more test events are coming soon.”

  On the eligibility to the Games, Wei Jizhong remindedthat each SF should oblige to the rules set by OCA, as all the OCA membercountries and regions have to confirm the eligibility of their own athletesbefore they are admitted to joining the Games.The Federations are always welcome to discuss with the OCA on additionalentry quota and matters related to the admission of athletes.On the other hand, since there will be somenon-Olympic sports to be enlisted in the sport program of the Asain IndoorGames in other formats, clarification of the disciplines are considerednecessary.

  During the meeting, Director General and Technical Director of OCAMr. Husain Al-Musallam proposed to enlist Kabaddi into the sport program of the 2AIG during theOCA Executive Board meeting to be held in Kuwait in Mid April.This will encourage more NOCs participationand at the same time increase the exposure of the 2nd Asian IndoorGames.If the above motioned is approvedby the OCA Executive Board, there will be a total of 17 official sports and 2demonstration sports in the 2AIG sports program.“The close collaboration between OCA, Sport Federations and MAIGOC will assuregreater participation of the athletes in Asiato fight for more medals for their home country and region,” he added.

  Promotions for the 2AIG will be launchedthrough participating international and local forums and activities, as well aspromotional program on the internet and electronic media.For local promotion, MAIGOC will visit localschools to commence the various volunteer training in cultural activities, Openingand Closing Ceremonies, linguistic services, protocol and information technology;while it will promote the slogan, mascot, anthem and medals of the Games inoverseas.The football match which isscheduled on 23 July, is biggest in scale among the 5 test events organized byMAIGOC.It is through these events that theoperation of security, crowd control, protocol, linguistic services and mediacentre can be tested.

  The 3rd Meeting of the OCA CoordinationCommittee for the Macau 2007, 2nd Asian Indoor Games held yesterdaymorning was very important to MAIGOC in organizing October’s 2AIG.The agenda was full discussed in themeeting.Department heads of MAIGOCupdated the participants with the preparation on the sports program,competition and training venues, general policy of OCA for AIG, eligibility,entry conditions and minimum entry quota of the athletes, technicalresponsibility of Asia Sports Federation (ASF) and OCA overall supervision,technical delegates, technical officials and jury of appeal, conditions fortechnical officials, as well as the new arrangements for accreditation,transportation, accommodation, opening ceremony, closing ceremony and culturalevents, allowing them to have more comprehensive understanding in thepreparations that MAIGOC is doing.

  Besides, technical delegates and representatives ofthe 16 official sports and 2 demonstration sports of 2AIG also conducted aseries of technical group meetings and site inspections with MAIGOC’s CompetitionsTeam.In-depth discussions and exchangesof all technical issues were carried out between the representatives and the CompetitionsTeam throughout the meeting.