MAIGOC promotes AIG in 3 Central and West Asian countries 2006-04-30 18:51  MAIGOC

  Headed by Chairman Manuel Silvério, a delegationof MAIGOC including Director of Transportation and Marketing Charles Lou andDirector of Hospitality, International Affairs and Linguistics Services Isabelda Silva, will attend several meetings to be held in the Central Asia and the WestAsia regions during April 29 ~ May 9, namely the 69th Congress ofthe International Sports Press Association (AIPS), the West Asian Forum and theCentral Asian Forum of OCA.Taking theseoccasions, MAIGOC aims to promote the 1st Lusofonia Games and the 2ndAsian Indoor Games, as well as the dynamic image of Macau.

  Apart from presenting the progress of thecoming games in the Congress of AIPS on May 1, Manuel Silvério will alsopromote Macau to the media attendants comingfrom around the world.After the congress,the delegation will continue their efforts in the West Asian Forum and theCentral Asian Forum of OCA respectively to be held in Aqaba,Jordan and Tashkent, Uzbekistan on May 5 and 8.Through presentationand use of promotional clip, Manuel Silvério expects to enhance people’srecognition of Macau so as to encourage higher participation of the OCAmembers in the Asian Indoor Games to be held in Macaunext year.

  Leaving this secondstop of the promotion tour, MAIGOC will proceed to participate in the South-EastAsian Forum and the East Asian Forum of OCA in Laosand Hong Kong respectively later this month, as well as the South Asian Forum tobe held in Maldivesin September.In fact, overseaspromotions for the 2nd Asian Indoor Games can be traced back toearly April when MAIGOC attended several international sports meetings abroad includingthe OCA Executive Board Meeting and the SportAccord 2006 in Seoul.