Manuel Silvério Attends CCTV Sports Personality of the Year Awarding Ceremony 2006-03-24 18:51  MAIGOC

  CCTV will host the CCTV Sports Personality of the Year 2005 Awarding Ceremony tonight (25 March) at 8:00p.m..The awards are to honour Chinas top 10 sportsmen and sportswomen for their achievements during the past year.Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Macao 4th East Asian Games Organising Committees, Manuel Silvério, has arrived in Beijing upon CCTV invitation. The program will be a full two-hour live broadcast on CCTV Entertainment (CCTV-3) and CCTV Sports (CCTV-5) tonight at 8:00p.m., while CCTV International (CCTV-4) will replay the ceremony at a later time.

  CCTV Sports Personality of the Year 2005 is a polling based on sports event held in 2005 and conducted by CCTV-5.The duration of the poll lasted for 3 months, and the 113 nominees from different sports categories have to go through 6 rounds of nomination before they are elected to the top 10 sportsmen or sportswomen by sports professionals and PRC citizens.In fact, the list of 20 nominees with the highest votes has been revealed earlier this month, and they were awarded recently for their achievements in Chinas sport industry in 2005.Tonight, 10 finales will be elected out of the 20 nominees, and will be awarded the CCTV Sports Personality of the Year 2005, which is regarded as Chinas highest honor in sports.

  The final 20 nominees for the CCTV Sports Personality of the Year 2005 are: Zhang Yiling (Table Tennis), Zhang Dan/Zhang Hao (Figure Skating), Liu Xiang (Athletics), Yao Ming (Basketball), Ding Junhui (Billiards), Lin Dan (Badminton), Wang Liqin (Table Tennis), Zheng Jie/Yan Zi (Tennis), Cheng Fei (Gymnastics), Manuel Silvério (Macao 4th East Asian Games Organising Committees Chairman of the Board of Director), Gou Jing Jing (Diving), Hu Kai (Athletics), Wang Haibin (Fencing), Li Yongbo (Head Coach of the National Badminton Team of China), Zou Shiming(Boxing), Roger Federer(Tennis), Ren Na (Mountaineering Expedition), The People's Liberation Army Air Force Parachutes Team 81, Wang Yifu (Head Coach of the National Shooting Team of China), Wu Moutian (Director of China Doping Control Center)