Manuel Silvério, MEAGOC's Chairman, leads his crew to the Asian Indoor Games meeting in Bangkok 2003-06-07 18:51  MAIGOC

  Organized by Olympic Council of Asia, the Asian Indoor Games meeting was held in Bangkok on 7th of this month. As the host city of the 2nd Asian Indoor Games, Macau SAR sent Manuel Silvério, together with other members such as: Hong Wai, Mr. Cheong Vai Kei, Federico Nolasco, Isabel Silva, Bruno Nunes and other delegates to attend to this meeting.

  Participants from Olympic Council of Asian are Director General, Abdul Muttaleb Admad, Chairman of OCA Sports Committee, Wei Jizhong, Technical Director & Director General, Hussain Al Mussallam and others. Manuel Silvério and Federico Nolasco signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) together. The agenda for the meeting was as follows: the coordination of the Asian Indoor Games, the 1st and 2nd Games' clip show, the constitution endorsed by the Olympic Council of Asia, contract of the host city, sports of the games, development plan of the city, financial support given by the games of the local Olympic Committee, the date of the next meeting, etc.