Iranian fighter dominates the ring of Middleweight 2007-11-03  MAIGOC

Muay -- "the Art of the Eight Limbs" was presented this afternoon at Macao East Asian Games Dome.

The fighter in blue was from Iran whilst the red India. According to the tradition, both practiced a little dancing before the battle got underway. Once it kicked off, however, Abdollahi Mostafa from Iran displayed the incredible strength of his legs and elbows, taking enough points in a flash and finishing the game only in two rounds. The patriot then held his national flag running around the ring, kissing the ground and bowing to all spectators.

In addition, the Thai judge also acted as the conductor of a band of four who performed live music on the other side of the battlefield. He had the say to start and stop the fight, which meant, as well, to play and end the live music. Spectators were very likely to enjoy the balance between a fight and an entertainment.

Thailand was the ring ruler among others by winning 3 out of 9 Muay games.