AIG Sports--Kurash 2007-09-05  MAIGOC

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  Kurash - the traditional upright jacket wrestling originated in Uzbekistan more than 3500 years ago. The original translation of the word "Kurash" from the Uzbek language is grappling or wrestling. It is one of the most respected and popular traditions in Central Asia, especially in Uzbekistan. Competitors, one wearing a green jacket and the other a blue jacket, try to throw each other to the ground. If thrown to the back, victory is declared. If thrown onto the side, points are awarded. If thrown to the belly, buttocks or weakly onto the side, a lesser point is given. The action is stopped by the referee and restarted in the standing position in bounds if either of the contestants goes down to one knee or out of bounds. Competitors are not allowed to grab the opponent's pants, but are otherwise free to grip as they please. Kurash players always play the sports like Judo and Sambo as they also need a very strong balance and quick footwork.