AIG Sports--Kabaddi 2007-09-05  MAIGOC

AIG Sports--Kabaddi

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  Kabaddi is a team sport originated from South Asia. It is mostly played by young men in India, Bangladesh and Pakistan and popular throughout South East Asia. Kabaddi is played on a flat surface without any use of equipment. Two teams of seven players shall play in two 20-minute halves for men. Players of Kabaddi have to hold their breath throughout a game. The field is divided into two halves with a ?baulk line? marked on each side. The teams have to stay on their home sides,with one team sending a "raider" across the mid-line to the opposite team's half, where the goal is to chant the word ?Kabaddi? while tagging members of the opposite team before returning to the home side beyond the opposite team?s baulk line. Tagged members are "out" and the opposing team earns 1 point. Meanwhile, if a raider fails to chant during a raid or being stopped by the defender before reaching the baulk line, he or she will be sent off the field losing 1 point. If a raider returns to the home side without being stopped or breaking any rule, then no point will be awarded and the defenders now become the raiders.The teams take turns sending a "raider" across the opposite team's half and the team with the most points awarded at the end of the game is the winner. The sport requires quick response, good lung capacity, muscles coordination and high reflectivity of the players.