Venues--Macao Stadium and Pavilion 2007-09-05  MAIGOC

Venues--Macao Stadium and Pavilion

  Macao Stadium and Pavilion

  Re-opening Date: 3 August, 2005

  Nearby Facilities: Macao Olympic Aquatic Centre, Hockey Centre, 4 floors and outdoor car park, Multi-purpose Zone, two 4-star hotels, Macao Jockey Club


  Seats: Total 16,272 seats

  Suited Sports: Football, Track and Field, opening and closing ceremony


  Competition Area: 45m x 33m or 45m x 25m (with retractable seats)

  Height: 9m

  Seats: 500 fixed seats

  Suited Sports: Volleyball, Basketball, Wushu, Taekwando, Karate-do, Badminton, Table Tennis, Futsal, Gymnastics, Acrobatic Cycling, Indoor Hockey