Venues--Macao Olympic Aquatic Centre 2007-09-05  MAIGOC

  Macao Olympic Aquatic Centre

  Inauguration Date: 28 March, 2003

  Nearby Facilities: Macao Stadium and Pavilion, Hockey Centre, 4 floors and outdoor car park, Multi-purpose Zone, two 4-star hotels, Macao Jockey Club

  Seats: 1,500

  50m Pool

  Competition Area: 50m x 25m, 8 competition lanes

  Depth: 2.16m

  Suited Sports:Aquatic sports, including swimming, water polo and fin swimming, etc.

  25m Pool

  Competition Area: 25m x 25m

  Depth: 5m (Automatic pool platform, adjustable from 0-5m)

  Suited Sports:Diving synchronized swimming, Swimming - short course 25 m, etc, and as warm-up areas