Venues--Macao East Asian Games Dome 2007-09-05  MAIGOC

  Macao East Asian Games Dome

  Inauguration Date: 5 July, 2005

  Nearby facilities: Macau International Shooting Range, Tennis Academy & Bowling Centre, Lotus Bridge, Golf Club (to be built), hotels and resorts(to be built)


  Competition Area: 4,860 m2 * (Oval axis : 92.5m and 62m)

  Height: 20m (till cat walk); 46m (till Roof)

  Seats: 7,000 seats

  Suited Sports: Gymnastics, Volleyball, Basketball, Wushu, Taekwando, Karate-do, Badminton, Table Tennis, Futsal, DanceSport, Indoor Track and Field, Extreme Sports, etc.


  Competition Area: 945 m2

  Height: 20m (till catwalk); 49m (till roof)

  Seats: 1, 992 fixed seats

  Suited Sports: With a central stage and its U-shape spectators setting, this is ideal for different exhibition sports, eg. DanceSport.

  Exhibition Centre

  Area: 2,772 m2

  Height: 4.6m

  Suited Sports: Exhibition, Trade Fairs, Billards

  Macau International Convention Centre

  Area: 3000m2

  Height: 15m (till catwalk); 46m (till Roof)

  Capacity: 2,000 people

  Suited Sports: Ideal for large banquets, large scale meetings, exhibitions, conventions and Electronic Sports