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Angus Lo 2007-10-16  MAIGOC

  After missing out on the 1st Asian Indoor Games in Bangkok, in 2005, Angus Lo finally wasn’t about to miss out on the second edition - he qualified for the 2nd Asian Indoor Games in the Latin Dance competition.

The two sports he’s been involved in are quite different - Lo used to be a triathlete, having represented Macao in international competitions, but he switched to sports dance four years ago. Lo used to feel that dancing was something reserved for old people, but when working at a sport dancing competition, he found that many young people practiced the sport. Since then his interest in sport dancing continued to grow until he actually put an end to his six-year triathlon career. When looking at the differences between the two sports, Lo says triathlon is a very much an individual sport - but sport dancing places more emphasis on teamwork.

  Lo developed great stamina as a result of being a triathlete, and he feels that it has given him an advantage in his new sport.

  “Triathlon requires stamina and speed, while sport dance is more artistic,” says Lo. “A dancer needs to be good at dancing to musical beats, and performing gracefully as well, which is really a challenge for me.”

  Lo has practiced sport dancing for four years now and is happy with his progress. His main concern is that, after the games, he won’t have regular access to training facilities.

  “Now we are preparing for the Asian Indoor Games, so we have access to training facilities every day. But after the games, it will not be guaranteed,” says Lo.

  Like his dance partner, Lo practices the sport on an amateur basis. Both of them are teachers and they can only spare four hours every day during summer holiday to train for the games. When talking about other competitors in the sport, he says dancers from China, Japan and South Korea are so strong that he feels winning a medal will be a tough task.

  “Though my recent performances in Shanghai and Hong Kong were not bad, I don’t want to place my expectations too high. My mission for the Games is just to try to learn more. I don’t want to put too much pressure on myself.”

  However, it is worth keeping in mind that the best athletes always get better with every competition – and Lo and his partner will be the same.