Dance the 2AIG Sports at Macau Tower 2007-08-13  MAIGOC

  To foster thegeneral public’s idea for thesports program and special features of the 2nd Asian Indoor Games,the Organising Committee (MAIGOC) continued to promote at the Macau Towerhoping to strengthen people’s awareness for the Games.

  Fortwo consecutive days on this weekend, MAIGOC has arranged the demonstration ofDragon and Lion Dance and DanceSport at the Macau Tower.It is expected that through this promotion,the general public can grasp some idea about these two popular sports and theevents that is enlisted in the program: Dragon Dance, Northern Lion andSouthern Lion for Dragon and Lion Dance; Standard Dance, Latin Dance and moreevents for DanceSport.

  Dragon and Lion Dance was performed yesterday (11 August).As the drum beat, the lions becamealive.The agile performance of theathletes has attracted more and more citizens and tourists to stay and watch,with rounds of applause heating up joyous atmosphere on the spot.

  Inaddition, the more popular DanceSport will be promoted today at 15:00 in the same place.MAIGOC hopes that more citizens and touristswill get familiar with this sport.

  During the 2-day promotion, the OrganisingCommittee has also arranged the 2AIG Mascot ‘Mei Mei’ to meet the public.Besides, themed exhibition was also thereintroducing the history of the Asian Indoor Games, the milestones of Macao in bidding the2AIG, as well as the Emblem, Mascot, sports program, competition venues and scheduleof the Games, providing detailed information of the 2AIG.

  MAIGOCis going to hold its last promotion of sport demonstration at the Macau Towernext Saturday on 18 August.All citizensare welcomed.

  The Macau 2007, 2nd Asian Indoor Gameswill be hosted between 26 October and 3 November, with the best athletes comingfrom the 45 Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) member countries and regions,competing in 17 official sports and 2 demonstration sports for 9 days.