MAIGOC meets Manchester United delegates 2007-06-23  MAIGOC

  To prepare for the EnglishPremier League Champion stay in Macao, Manchester United delegates from arrivedMacao yesterday (23 June) to meet with the Macao 2nd Asian IndoorGames Organising Committee (MAIGOC) for arrangements on the various areasincluding Hospitality, Competition and venues.MAIGOC is in eager preparations for this upcoming friendly footballmatch biggest test for all the different areas of the Asian Indoor Games, which2nd edition will be held in Macao this coming October.

  Along with representatives from MAIGOC, the threedelegates from Manchester United visited the hotel and the competition venue,followed by a meeting at the Headquarters of the Macao 2nd Asian Indoor GamesOrganising Committee.The ManU delegateshave also met with representatives from the Macao SAR Security departments tofurther study the arrangements for security.

  Thegroup visited installations at the Venetian Macao-Resort-Hotel including hotelrooms, catering services, and press conference area.The tour enabled the organizers and teamdelegates more insights to the newly constructed hotel which will be receivingas its first guests to stay, the Old Trafford team.The group then proceeded to the competitionvenue, the Macau Stadium, to visit facilities for training, competition,security, press and the audience.Thissecond site inspection in Macaois concluded in a meeting at the MAIGOC Headquarters with the different workingdepartments of MAIGOC, to confirm the arrangements for customs clearance,protocol, hospitality, medical services, promotion activities, media reporting,etc.

  The visit to Macaois a useful contribution to the preparations of the “The Venetian Macao Cup”, aspectacle for Macaocitizens and tourists this summer.Thefriendly match will be held between English and Chinese Premier LeagueChampions, the Manchester United vs the Shengzhen Xiangxue Eisiti, at the MacauStadium at 8p.m. on 23 July.TheManchester United team will arrive in Macaoon 21 July.