Regional Forum for East Asian NOCs in Tokyo 2007-06-21  MAIGOC

  The International OlympicCommittee (IOC) Olympic Solidarity and the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA)jointly held the Regional Forum for East Asian NOCs (National OlympicCommittees) in Tokyobetween 17th and 18th June.Vice President of OCA and Chairman of the Macau 2nd Asian Indoor Games OrganisingCommittee (MAIGOC) Manuel Silvério presented to the floor with the final stageof preparation for the Macau 2007, 2nd Asian Indoor Games.Representatives of the MacauOlympic Committee (MOC) Secretary-General Charles Lo and Member AntónioFernandes also participated in the meeting.

  Other attendees in the forumincluded IOC Vice-President Chiharu Igaya, Members Okuno Shun-Ichiro, ZhenliangHe, Timonthy Fok, Shagdarjav Magvan and Yong Sung Park, together with 4 IOCexperts as well as representatives from the NOCs of the East Asian countriesand regions, the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Games of the XXIXOlympiad (BOCOG) and the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games Organizing Committee (GAGOC).

  In the forum, full reports onvarious issues related to international multisport events such as the studiesof athlete services, logistic support, accreditation, marketing research andmedia services were given by the IOC experts, while the Japanese OlympicCommittee Sports and Environment Commission introduced to the participants withtheir promotion and activities that were carried out, especially those inJapan.In addition, a brief report onthe 2008 Beijing Olympic Games was also presented by BOCOG, attending toquestions in regards to ticketing, transportation and media services asked bythe participants.

  To encourage delegation of eliteathletes in the 2nd Asian Indoor Games, MAIGOC Chairman ManuelSilvério and Director Sylvester Cheong briefed the floor with the arrangementsof competition, venues, accreditation, accommodation, transportation, mediaservices and TV broadcast for the Games, providing also details of theChef-de-Mission meeting which will be held in Macau on 26thJune.Accreditation application for theGames will be closed on 22nd June.According to the feedbacks from the NOCs, it is estimated that around3,500 sports delegates are going to join in this big event.

  This edition of the East AsianForum was held in the joint effort of IOC and OCA, aiming to popularize andsupport the local sport development in all NOC member countries and regions inAsia through better strategies, financial and technology managements.After the East Asian Forum, the next meetingwill be the South-East Asian Forum to be held in Bali of Indonesia on 21stJune, Central Asian Forum in Kazakhstanon 31st August, the West Asian Forum in Yemenon 5th September and the South Asian Region in Sri Lanka in October.