MEAGOC presented the final reports 2006-06-20  MAIGOC

  The Macao4th East Asian Games Organising Committee (MEAGOC) presented the finalreport, including the official report and financial report of the 4thEast Asian Games to the East Asian Games Association (EAGA) on Saturday, 17June 2006.Presented by the Chairman ofMEAGOC, Manuel Silvério, the final report received unanimous approval from the Council,where the new President of EAGA, Timothy Fok commented that the success of the4th East Asian Games has enhanced the credibility and brand of theEast Asian Games.Participants from thenine member National Olympic Committees (NOCs) of EAGA greatly appreciated theachievement of Macaoin hosting the 4th edition of the East Asian Games.According to the Constitutions of EAGA,MEAGOC has successfully fulfilled the mission entrusted Macao to organise the Games.

  The 22nd EAGA Council Meeting was heldin Hong Kong for two days, on 17 & 18 June2006.At the meeting, EAGA’s Vice-President and MEAGOC’sChairman, Manuel Silvério presented the final report, as well as the “Macau2005, 4th East Asian Games Official Report” and the “Macao 4thEast Asian Games Organising Committee Financial Report” to EAGA Council.Expressing that after 222 day following theclosing ceremony of the 4th East Asian Games, the day marked themomentous conclusion of this important chapter in the sporting history of Macau as the last official report on the 4thEast Asian Games was presented.

  In the report of the 4th East AsianGames, Manuel Silvério summarised some key highlights on the operation of theGames to the EAGA Council.Pointing out 6,711athletes, officials, guests and media representatives participated in the 4thedition of the Games, and under the solid support of the Macao SAR Governmentand the whole community, 10,097 personnel and 11,484 volunteers took part inthe event, fully demonstrating the solidarity of the Macao people and reflectingthe collective aspiration to ensure the successful organisation of this event!

  During the financial report, Manuel Silverio said thatafter 1,543 days of operation Macao4th East Asian Games Organising Committee Company Limited wasdissolved after the careful and detailed liquidation process.Reporting that the company, with its capitalof 630 Million Patacas (MOP630,000,000), had over the years achieved a total ofOne Hundred and Four Million Eight Hundred and Thirty-nine Thousand ThreeHundred and Twelve Patacas (MOP104,839,312) in revenue; while its operationalexpenses amounted to a total of Three Hundred and Seventy-three Million TwoHundred and Nineteen Thousand and Twenty-four Patacas (MOP373,219,024) whichcovered the expenses on personnel and venue management of the 16 sports venues,all the theoretical and practical trainings for 22,100 people of who havesigned-up for the Volunteer Program, trainings for 19,855 technical officials, theorganisation of 85 local and overseas promotional activities, as well as 33academic seminars, the publication of 66 different printed materials, thehosting of 13 different competitions, from design to performances, as well asthe “Walk for East Asian Games Unification Flame Torch Relay and LaunchingCeremony of the Sai Van Bridge”, the “Macao East Asian Games Dome OpeningCeremony and Performance”, “Macao Stadium – Reopening Ceremony and FC BarcelonaVS Shenzhen Jianlibao Football Match” and the organisation of a number of internationalconventions, and so on.As can be seen fromthe accounts, the expenses on the execution of the 4th East AsianGames amounted to Two Hundred and Twenty-six Million Eight Hundred and Seventy-threeThousand Six Hundred and Fifty-nine Patacas (MOP226,873,659), with a netbalance of One hundred and Thirty-five Million Patacas (MOP135,000,000) whichwas transferred back to the Macao SAR Government.On 27 March 2006, the Secretary for SocialAffairs and Culture Fernando Chui Sai On, who was then President of theChairing Committee and Representative of the Macao SAR Government, hosted thefinal meeting of the General Assembly, which marked the termination andclearance of the Macao 4th East Asian Games Organising CommitteeCompany Limited both administratively and procedurally in accordance toAdministrative Regulation No. 33/2001 and Commercial Code.The process to transfer the ownership andmanagement of 18 venues and facilities from MEAGOC to 8 cultural and sportsdepartments as well as other public authorities was also completed during thisperiod.These departments include the MacaoSport Development Board, Education and Youth Affairs Bureau, Macao PolytechnicInstitute, University of Macau, Macau University of Science and Technology,Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau, Macau Olympic Committee and Macau 2nd East Asian Indoor Games OrganisingCommittee (MAIGOC).

  In addition, Manuel Silvério took the occasion toextend his heartfelt gratitude to EAGA and the participants representing thenine member NOCs of EAGA; thanking them as well as the Macao SAR Government fortheir solid support and enthusiastic participation over the past four years toensure the successful organisation of a memorable 4th East AsianGames.Deeply appreciating theopportunity of which EAGA had provided Macao via the 4th East AsianGames, Manuel Silverio assured EAGA of Macau’s commitment and dedication to continueto work closely with EAGA and its members to promote the Olympic Movement, aswell as the development of sport and solidarity within the region.The reports made by MEAGOC were unanimously approved and highly commended by the EAGA Council and representatives of the EastAsian countries and regions.

  At the meeting, each representative was presented acopy of the “Macau 2005, 4th East Asian Games Official Report”, andthe “Macao 4th East Asian Games Organising Committee FinancialReport”, as well as a copy of the “Macau 2005, 4th East Asian GamesCommemorative Book” and a commemorative DVD box set of the Opening and ClosingCeremonies, and Highlights of the Games.The new EAGA President Timothy Fok Tsun-ting remarked that the threepublications are important documentation of the organisation of the Games, and theyserve as a wonderful reference for Hong Kong asthey prepare for the 5th East Asian Games.The presentation of these three publicationsfrom Macao to Timothy Fok Tsun-ting signified Hong Kong has officially taken over the mission to hostthe East Asian Games.

  Participants of the 22nd EAGA CouncilMeeting also included the representative of the Olympic Committee of Hong Kong andthe second Vice President of EAGA, Victor Hui Chui-Fui; EAGA’s new SecretaryGeneral, Pang Chung; EAGA’s Council members representing the member NOCs: China, Hong Kong China,Japan, Korea, Macao China, D.P.R. Korea, Chinese Taipeiand the associate member Guam. In addition, amongthe list of the meeting participants were also the Director of Leisure and CulturalServices of Hong Kong SAR Government of who is also the Vice Chairman of the 5thEast Asian Games Planning Committee, Anissa Wong Sean-yee, and MEAGOC’s Ung HoiIan and Isabel da Silva.