MEAGOC shares experience in EAGA Council Meeting 2006-06-17  MAIGOC

  The 22nd East Asian Games Association(EAGA) Council Meeting started its two-day schedule yesterday (17 June) in Hong Kong, where the composition of the new EAGA Councilwas approved. In the afternoon, delegates of the meeting moved to the groundbreaking ceremony of Tseung Kwan O Sports Ground, one of the venues for the 5thEast Asian Games, and then the 5th EAG Slogan Competition PrizePresentation Ceremony.

  EAGA President Timothy Fok Tsun-ting,Vice-presidents Victor Hui Chui-fui and Manuel Silvério, as well as SecretaryGeneral Pang Chung started yesterday’s meeting by introducing the agenda of thetwo days.On the first day, the 5thEast Asian Games Planning Committee reported the progress on thepreparation for the sports meet. Sports program was also open in the meetingfor discussions and comments for the first time. The Planning Committee shallsubmit these inputs for the approval of the Rules and Technical Committee and thesports program is expected to finalize in September.

  The meeting officially confirmed thecomposition of the new EAGA cabinet, in which Macao is represented by Secretary GeneralCharles Lo and Treasurer Frederico Nolasco da Silva of the Macau OlympicCommittee (MOC) in the General Assembly; while by Doctor Vong Wei Lap and MOCmember António Fernandes respectively in the Medical Committee and the Rulesand Technical Committee.

  In the meeting, Chairman Manuel Silvério ofMEAGOC gave an overall financial and activity report of the 4th EAG,apart from sharing the achievement and experience with the participants. Afterthe meeting in the afternoon, the delegates moved to the ground breakingceremony of Tseung Kwan O Sports Ground. Expected to complete early 2009, thevenue shall be the landmark of the 5th EAG. To complete theitinerary of the day were later in the afternoon the 5th EAG SloganCompetition Prize Presentation Ceremony and in the evening the welcome dinnerjointly hosted by Acting Chief Secretary for Administration Michael SuenMing-yeung and Secretary for Home Affairs Patrick Ho Chi-ping, where experienceof hosting the EAG was shared.

  Participants of the meeting shall take part inthe Olympic Day Run 2006 organized by the Planning Committee today.