“Jornal A BOLA” Becomes the Designated Publication of the 1st Lusofonia Games 2006-06-11  MAIGOC

  Manuel Silvério, Chairman of the 1st Lusofonia Games Organising Committee (COJOL) has set off for Cologne Germany to watch the 2006 FIFA World Cup match between Portugal and Angola on the invitation of Madail, the President of the Portuguese Football Federation. In fact, these two countries are among the 12 participating countries and regions of this October’s 1st Lusofonia Games. By then, football teams from these two countries will be sent to Macao to join the competitions. On 11 June in Cologne the Chairman signed a cooperation contract with Vitor Serpa, Chief of “Jornal A BOLA”, an internationally renowned Portuguese sports journal. On signing the contract, “Jornal A BOLA” is now officially the designated publication of the 1st Lusofonia Games.

  “Jornal A BOLA” will report on the Lusofonia Games monthly or semimonthly. Special correspondents and photographers will be sent to Macao to cover the Games from 7-15 October. In addition, a special issue on the Games will be released daily during that period. Benefited by the outstanding international profile and wide sales network of the journal, COJOL will be able to better promote the Games and Macao by this cooperation.

  In the contract signing ceremony, Manuel Silvério said that the cooperation between COJOL and “Jornal A BOLA” was one of the essentials that put the Lusofonia Games into the international community. As the host city of the first edition of the Games, Macao needs to take many first steps to make the Games a great success, which, however, also depends much on the supports of the parties involved. Vitor Serpa also expressed his honour in partaking in the 1st Lusofonia Games he wished wholeheartedly the games a great success. Vitor Serpa would come to Macao during the games period.

  “Jornal A BOLA” is a professional Portuguese sports journal in the world with a daily circulation of 150,000 copies across France, Sweden, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Netherlands, Britain, Canada, Venezuela, Brazil, Angola, Mozambique, Guinea-Bissau, South Africa and even the United States. The 1st Lusofonia Games will run from 7-15 October in Macao. Participants include Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Equatorial Guinea, India, Macao, Mozambique, Portugal, Sao Tome & Prinicipe, Sri Lanka and East Timor.