Macau Hosts Official Asian Games Fun Run 2006-05-28  MAIGOC

  The 15th Asian Games, Doha 2006Fun Run, organised by the OlympicCouncil of Asia (OCA) and the Macau Olympic Committee and co-organized by the Macau ChinaAthletics Association was successfully held in Macau Stadium Pavilion at 10:00 onSunday, 28 May. The rainy weatherwas not enough to cool down the enthusiasm of the participants, and over 300 children from Macau haveparticipated in this activity. Nevertheless, taking into consideration thesafety of all participants, the Macau Olympic Committee have decided to movethe activity from the originally planned Macau Stadium to the Macau StadiumIndoor Pavilion, and consequently reduced the running distance from 1200m to 300m.

  Managerfor Asian Games of the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) Mr. Haider Farman, ProjectManager of Olympic Solidarity Mr. Olivier Niamkey, Manager of NOC Services,Protocol & International Relations of Doha Asian Games Organizing Committee(DAGOC) Mr. Louis Louis, as well as Mr. Laam Wah Ying, Mr. Ma Iao Hang, Mr. CharlesLo, Mr. António Fernandes, Mr. Pau Ma Chong, Mr. Van Kuan Lok, Mr. Alex Vong,Mr. Mak Chi Kun, Mr. Chan Sio Veng, Mr. Chan Kwan Fai, and Mr. Wu Peng Koi fromMacau were among the guests for this event.

  Macau was part of a series of Official Asian Games FunRuns which have taken place throughout cities across Asiaover the past 2 years promoting the 15th Asian Games Doha 2006taking place from 1 – 15 December this year. At this moment, over 10,000children have participated in this significant event, and Macauis proud to be chosen as the 25th host city of such activity.Meanwhile, Macau became the first city toorganize an indoor Fun Run, and the Macau Olympic Committee was praised by theOlympic Council of Asia for such initiative and capacity to get around suchunforeseen conditions.

  The competition was divided into 3 groups:Boys’ 12 to 13 years old group, Boys’ 14 to 15 years old group and Girls’ under15 years old group. The first 3positions of each group are as follow:

  Boys’ 14 to 15 years old group: LioKai Hou, U Kin Hang , Wong Chi Cheong

  Boys’ 12 to 13 years old group: ChanMan, Lee Hui Fong, Lou Hei Wai

  Girls’ under 15 years old group: FongSoi Cheng, Wong Un Ieng, Ao Ieong Nim Kuan.