Doha 2006 Fun Run of the 15th Asian Games will be held on Sunday 2006-05-24  MAIGOC

  In order to promote the 15th Asian Games to be held in Dohathis December, the Macau Olympic Committee is co-organizing a series of sportand cultural activities in Macau, which include the 15thAsian Games, Doha 2006Fun Run, Children Across Asia ArtCompetition and ChildrenAcross Asia Essay Writing Competition.

  The 15th Asian Games, Doha 2006 Fun Runwill be held in Macau Stadium at 10:00 on 28 May.The competition will consist of 3 groups:Boys’ 12 to 13 years old group, Boys’ 14 to 15 years old group and Girls’ under15 years old group.

  Thebest 10 runners in each group will be awarded while the first 3 runners of each group will be awarded a Doha AsianGames special medal. A certificate, a commemorative T shirt and a souvenir will be distributed to allparticipants.

  A shuttle bus service will be arranged at9:00a.m.on that day at Macau Library. Any interested parties are welcomed tojoin the activity.

  Meanwhile,the deadline for the Children AcrossAsia Art Competition and ChildrenAcross Asia Essay Writing Competitionwill be on 1 June.

  Thereare a few spaces left for the above mentioned activity.Sign up quickly before it is full!Please contact Ms. Young on 571037 forfurther inquires.