Manuel Silvério participated in South-East Asian Forum 2006-05-22  MAIGOC

  After attended the 69th Congress of International Sport Press Association (AIPS), the OCA West Asia Forum and Central Asia Forum which were held last month, Chairman of MAIGOC Manuel Silvério headed off with the delegation including Directors Charles Lou and Isabel da Silva to Vientiane of Laos on 22 – 23 May to attend the OCA Regional Forum for Southeast Asia NOCs, where the Asian Indoor Games preparation progress was reported.

  The OCA Regional Forum for Southeast Asia NOCs inaugurated in the morning on 22 May, chaired by the OCA vice president Manuel Silvério, the General Secretary Raja Randhir Singh, Director General & Technical Director of OCA Husain Al Musallam, Olympic Solidarity Project Officer Olivier Niamkey, and President of Laos National Sports Committee Dr. Phouthong Seng Akhom. Participating countries and regions include Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Brunei, Thailand, East-Timor, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar and Singapore.

  In the capacity as the Chairman of MAIGOC, Manuel Silvério introduced the sport facilities in Macau such as venues, transportation and human resources for the Games. He also briefed on the experience of the 4th East Asian Games which served as the foundation for the 1st Lusofonia Games to be held this year and the 2nd Asian Indoor Games next year. Session also included the arrival and departure procedure of Macau. The participants were also notified about the arrangement and schedule on the 2nd Indoor Asian Games prior their arrival.

  Dr. Phouthong Seng Akhom expressed in the welcome speech that though Laos was one of the founding members of the South-East Asian Games, however, owing to the many factors derived from their long-term financial straits, they had not ever hosted any South-East Asian Games in the past. Laos National Sports Committee was perseverance in the continuous participation of the relevant jobs. In 2004, the president of the South-East Asian Games Federation (SEAGF) presented the appointment certificate to Laos in hosting the 25th South-East Asian Games. Laos National Sports Committee will progress on the preparation work.

  Director General & Technical Director of OCA Husain Al Musallam mentioned that there are a few Multi-sport Games to be held in Asia. Up till this moment, the preparation work of the host cities Changchun and Macau are satisfactory. The OCA Regional Forum for Southeast Asia NOCs brought the hosts of various games and NOCs together for mutual understanding, thus a better preparation and participation could be done.

  In addition, Husain Al Musallam expressed that IOC will hold the Executive Board Meeting, Olympic Solidarity, OCA and ANOC meetings in November this year at the headquarter of OCA in Kuwait. In the meantime, representatives from each region will gather together and deliver many positive strategies for the Asia regions.

  On the agenda, IOC member Olivier Niamkey elaborated on the Olympic Solidarity, representative of World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Dr Rob Koehler announced the progress work of WADA, and Beijing Sport University Professor Zhang Liwei presented his two research subjects on physiology and contentment in living and athletes’ confidence.

  Besides MAIGOC described about the progress work of the 2nd Asian Indoor Games, Doha Asian Games Organising Committee also introduced on the application procedure and accommodation details of the 15th Doha Asian Games. In addition, Delhi of India and Incheon of Korea presented the bidding progress for the 2014 Asian Games.

  To celebrate for the coming 15th Doha Asian Games, on 23 May morning, Doha Olympic Committee hold a Fun Run at Vientiane, all interested parties in Asia regions were welcomed to take part. In response to OCA and Doha Asian Games Organising Committee, Macau Olympic Committee also actively participated in this grand occasion, a Fun Run will be held on 28th May in Macau.