Doha 2006 Torch Relay Advance Team Confirms Details 2006-04-20  MAIGOC

  After 3 days of visits and meetings, the Doha 2006 Asian Games Organising Committee’s Torch Relay Advance team has confirmed the torch relay arrangements with the Macau Olympic Committee. Both parties believe the torch relay will meet their expectations with the considerate preparations.

  From 18 to 20 April DAGOC’s Advance Team visited Macau with the aim to have a closer picture on the arrangement of the torch relay to be held in the city. During the 3-day trip, the team met with Manuel Silvério, Chef-de-mission of the Macau Sport delegation for the 15th Asian Games in Doha and 1st Vice-president of the Macau Olympic Committee. “Macau will provide full support to DAGOC to make the torch relay a success, through which we believe the local citizens and visitors will know more about the games. In fact, as a member of OCA, Macau is grateful to be granted the opportunity to make contributions to Asia by this activity” said Manuel Silvério in the meeting.

  While having a good impression on Macau, DAGOC is satisfied with the route design of the torch relay which is considered featuring Eastern and Western cultures. In view of Macau’s rich experience in organizing torch relay, DAGOC has strong confidence in the success of the activity.

  As a gift of souvenir exchange, DAGOC representative presented Manuel Silvério with a mascot of the Doha Asian Games.

  Apart from having meetings with the in-charge security authorities including the Public Security Police Force and the Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau discussing the route design, transportation, people control and location for the cultural performance, the team also made visit at each stop of the route.

  As confirmed after discussions, the torch relay of the Doha 2006 Asian Games in Macau will start from the Golden Lotus Square, then pass along the Macau Cultural Centre, Kun Iam and Ecumenical Centre, Macau Tower, Gate of Understanding, A-Ma Temple, Pousada de São Tiago, Sai Van Lake and Government Headquarters of the Macao SAR Government before the last stop at the Largo do Senado.

  For the torch relay event, DAGOC will send a delegation of 60 to Macau to give a traditional Qatar performance after the relay.

  The Advance Team will leave for Hong Kong to continue their inspection.

  The torch of the 15th Asian Games Doha 2006 will travel some Asian countries and regions during the period of October 8 to December 1 to share the joy of the games. It will be lighted in Doha, Qatar before reaching India, Korea, the Philippines, Japan, China, Macau China, Hong Kong China, Indonesia, Thailand, Iran, Oman, UAE, Kuwait and Bahrain, and finally going back to the place of its origin – Doha. The torch will make its tour in Macau on October 26 by running, bicycle and dragon boat.