Doha 2006 Torch Relay Advance Team visit Macau, China 2006-04-18  MAIGOC

  The Doha 2006 Asian Games OrganisingCommittee’s Torch Relay Advance team arrived in Macautoday to meet with the Macau Olympic Committee and city authorities inpreparation for the Torch Relay event on Thursday October 26th thisyear.

  The Advance team will be in Macau from Tuesday April18th to Thursday the 20th to discuss the local route forthe Doha 2006 Torch Relay, logistics and the local celebration that willaccompany the arrival of the 15th Asian Games Flame in Macau.

  "The Doha 2006 Torch Relay preparations are on trackand we are looking forward to working closely with the National OlympicCommittee to ensure the success of the Torch Relay in Macau, China,”said Mr. Ahmed Abdulla Al Khulaifi, Deputy Director General for CorporateSupport, DAGOC.

  “By the time the Flame arrives in Macau,China, it will have traveledthrough India, Korea, the Philippines,Japan, and Beijingand Guangzhou, China”, Mr. Al Khulaifi continued.

  Macao Olympic Committee has already started theco-ordination work of the torch relay, the route and the celebration activitiesare planned in the meeting with the Public Security Police Force, Civic andMunicipal Affairs Bureau,Land, PublicWorks and Transport Bureau and Infrastructure Development Office. The TorchRelay International Advance Coordinator Yusuf Ahmed has been satisfied with thepreparation of the event in Macau andexpressed confidence on the organising ability of Macao Olympic Committee. Inthe meeting, both parties have exchanged experiences in hosting torch relayevents, which served as reference for the coming Event.

  The Doha 2006 Torch Relay Advance visits are a keymilestone on the road to the Games that will be held from 1 to 15 December 2006. The Doha2006 Torch Relay is a joint venture between each of the 15 National OlympicCommittees and the Doha Asian Games Organising committee.

  “This is the second Torch Relay Advance visit leadingup to the Games and we are pleased with the level of commitment shown byNational Olympic Committees thus far”, said Mr. Al Khulaifi. “There will befurther Advance visits to Hong Kong, India, Korea, the Philippines, Japan,Iran, Oman, UAE and Kuwait during the coming months.”

  The Doha 2006 Asian Games Torch Relay will travel byvarious means of transport throughout its journey including camels, horses,dhows and is likely to include bicycles, trams, elephants, rickshaws, canoes,dragon boats and other modes of transport.

  “The remaining months to the Games will witness outcommitment and devotion to mark Doha’s positionon the international sports map, believing in the importance of this event tofurther enhance the position of Dohaas an emerging regional and international cultural sports destination”, Mr. AlKhulaifi concluded.