ACOLOP General Assembly met in Seoul 2006-04-02  MAIGOC

  ACOLOP General Assembly was held in Seoul in 1st of April, including the Chairman of COJOL Manuel Silvério, all members showed up in the meeting, the agenda has settled the key issues involving in the organization of the Games.

  This is the first meeting since the special Assembly of ACOLOP held in last November. The meeting was chaired by its vice – president Mr. Silvério substituting JoséVicente Moura, the President unable to come because of health conditions. He started his welcome speech by introducing the new Secretary General of Macao Olympic Committee Charles Lo to the members, then he addressed that since they had six month led up to the Games, and it is the best timing to decide and assume responsibilities for its preparation. According to the response of the questionnaires, estimating around 1,000 athletes and officials will participate in the Games, therefore, the Organizing Committee as well as the participating countries should devote themselves for the organization of the Games, and made it a precious legacy for our future generations.

  On behalf of the COJOL Gisela Nunes and João Ribeiro introduced the arrangements related to competition, accommodation, transportation, accreditation and cultural events. Through discussions, many issues were settled in the meeting.

  Consent has been reached that the age of football participating teams were under 21 years old, maximum of 3 players with no limit is granted to each NOC. Taekwando with no women events still holds true, and the NOCs entry by number accreditation have to arrive the COJOL office before 30th April. In addition, COJOL established a medical Committee with one member from each Continent, in order to assure credibility and high standards of anti-doping control during the Games.

  During discussions, one of the main issues was the air transportation of the delegations to Macau which, for many participating countries, is a huge financial effort. Nevertheless, all NOCs expressed their will on surpassing this main difficulty and attend the Games with their best possible delegation.

  NOCs committed themselves to send their best athletes to the Games, assuming the importance this first edition of the Games. The associated member of ACOLOP, Guinea Equatorial, reaffirmed that it will participate in Games, following a very strong speech of Brazil NOC President, Carlos Arthur Nuzman, where he confirmed his country participation and full support to this Games.

  In order to enhance the cultural characteristics of the Games, COJOL encouraged each NOC to send their performers over for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, it was also suggested that the NOCs to contact Macau local associations of their countries to get them involved.

  The meeting was concluded by the confirmation of the Slogan and name of the Mascot. Through the spirit of “Four Continents, One Language, united by sport”, the deep friendship among the participating countries is consolidated, and the Mascot “Leo”will extend Macau warm welcome to her guests in their stay during the Games.

  As the Chairman of the 1st edition of the Games, Mr. Silvério said since the participating countries and region are scattered in four continents, they should listen in details to the opinions of the NOCs for the smooth organization of the Games, and this meeting was one of the best opportunities for the communications among the NOCs. As many issues have reached consent and with substantial progress, it pointed out that the members of the ACOLOP has confidence for Macau to host the 1st edition of the Lusofonia Games.