Big Party celebrates Macau Athletes success 2005-12-06  MAIGOC

  In order to celebrate the remarkable achievement from Macau Sport Delegations of the 4th East Asian Games and the 1st Asian Indoor Games, and to thank all the support given by MEAGOC and MAIGOC staff and Macao Sport Development Board, Eddie Laam Wah Ying, President of Macau Olympic Committee, Ma Iao Hang, Chef-de-Mission of Macau Sport Delegation of 4th East Asian Game, Manuel Silvério, Chef-de-Mission of Macau Sport Delegation of 1st Asian Indoor Gamess hosted a celebration party to invite Macau Sport Delegations of 4th East Asian Games and 1st Asian Indoor Games last night (6 December) at the Macau East Asian Games Dome – Convention Centre.

  More than 300 guests and delegates from the Macau Sport Delegations enjoyed the dinner and share together their remarkable achievements.

  The 4th East Asian Games granted to Macau a total of 11 gold medals, 16 silver and 17 bronze and the 1st Indoor Games, held in Bangkok, Thailand, brought more 3 gold medals, 6 silver and 5 bronze.

  Attendees included delegate of Government Hong Wai, , members of Macau Olympic Committee Pau Ma Chong and Lao Hin Chun, elected member António Fernandes, President and Reporter of Audit Committee Van Kuan Lok and Pedro Chau, , members of 2005 East Asian Games Consultative Council Leong Heng Teng and Chan Chak Mo, members of Sports Council Chang Chin Nam, Lei Man Iam, Mak Chi Kun, Acting Vice President of Macao Sports Development Board JoséMaria da Fonseca Tavares, President of the Executive Council of Macau Athletics Association Lam Hin Fu, President of the Executive Council of China-Macau Dragon Boat Association Chong Hong Kun, President of the Executivve Council of Macau Gymnastics Association Leong Sio Pui, President of the Executive Council of Macau Amateur Weightlifting Association Chan Sio Weng, athletes of Taekwondo, Karate-do, Basketball, Dragon Boat, Rowing, Football, Hockey, Swimming, Shooting, Weightlifting, Dance Sport, Gymnastics, Bowling, Tennis, Athletics for the 4th East Asian Games and 25m Short Course Swimming, Muay, Indoor Athletics, Indoor Cycling, Futsal, Dance Sport, Sports Climbing for the 1st Asian Indoor Games.