Manuel Silvério appointed as OCA Vice President 2005-11-28  MAIGOC

  Considering his rich experience and knowledge, the Olympic Council of Asia has determined to appoint Manuel Silvério, the first Vice-President of the Macau Olympic Committee to take over from Maj. Genl Charouck Arirachakran, General Secretary of the Thailand Olympic Committee, the position of OCA Vice President, as a result of the nomination of MOC.

  The OCA is the governing body of all sports in Asia, with the mandate to supervise and encourage sport at the highest competitive levels. Sheikh Ahmad Al-Fahad Al-Sabah, President of OPEC, is the President of OCA.

  The OCA will help develop the moral and physical qualities of the youth of Asia by fair competition in amateur sports, friendship, international respect and goodwill.

  It shall be the sole organization in charge of the amateur sports in Asia; be the representative authority in all other bodies responsible for Olympic, Continental, International and other World Games; Coordinating the sports activities of the member countries; ensuring regular celebration of Asian Games and Winter Asian Games every 4 years, and body for promoting the noble ideals of the Olympic Movement among the Asian people, solving any sport problems that may arise among its members and the respective parties.