Macau's artistic cyclists continue the glory in the 1st Asian Indoor Games 2005-11-16  MAIGOC

  It has been four days since the 1st Asian Indoor Games started on 12 November. Macau has won 1 gold, 4 silvers and 4 bronzes as per on November 15, yet Macaus artistic cyclists continued the glory by winning a second in Womens double artistic cycling on the same day,

  With one gold on November 14 in Womens individual artistic cycling, Kuan Sok Mui, together with her partner Vong Chi Kei made another input in Macaus medal list by winning a silver in dual with a score of 236.62. Men dual Wong Hang Cheong and Antonio Lou Weng Ian grasped a bronze with 256.89 scores. With these two new medals, Macaus artistic cycling team has taken 1 gold, 2 silvers and 1 bronze all together. Artistic cycling will come to an end and cycle ball will start on November 17 where Lai U Hin, Lin Run Qin and Lei Keong Sio will represent Macau to fight with their opponents from Japan.

  On November 15 when Muay event came to an end Macaus fighters Cheong Long (light weight) and Wu Chi Kit (welter weight) won a bronze and a silver in their respective categories in Wai-Kru. Award ceremonies will be held on November 18.

  Macau swimmers squeezed into finals in swimming events, of which Ma Chan Wai won a bronze medal in 50m breaststroke at a Macau record broken speed 2884. Lei Chi Lon and Wong Ka Seng completed 100m backstroke final respectively in 5934 and 5966. Victor Wong Wing Cheung entered into the 200m butterfly final and Lam Sin I broke Macau record by 2:23:75 in Womens 200m butterfly final.

  After competing in Samba, Rumba, Cha-Cha, Jive and Standard Dances (5 Dances) on November 15, Macau dancers have increased their experience in a great extent. Macau was represented by Tse Kin Fai and Choi Lai Fong in Samba, Zhou Da Xing and Loi Ka I in Rumba and Cha-Cha, as well as Chan Meng Tou and Ho Fong I in Rumba and Jive, while Kuoc Wai Hong and Chan Iut Tim making their efforts in Standard Dances (5 Dacnes).

  On the last day of indoor athletics, Macau athletes participated in Men/Women 400 Relays. Ieong Chio Wa and Lam Chi Pang made satisfactory performances in 1500m in the time of 4:24:88 and 4:51:59 respectively. In Mens triple jump Si Kuan Wong and Tam, Chan Keong made 14.31m and 13.12m respectively. In shot put, Ma Kam Cheong and Hou Fei were in their performances, while Wong Kit Man shot 12.31m in womens event. Chan Wai Lan jumped 4.88m in the event.

  Macaus aerobic team started their training yesterday after their arrival at Phuket on November 14. Aerobic competitions are scheduled on today and tomorrow. Kok Chou Mui, Fong Hoi Kei and Lei Ieng Cheng will join the trios on November 17.