Invited guests and performance group from Macau arrive at Bangkok today for the closing ceremony on November 19 2005-11-16  MAIGOC

  Headed by the President of Macau Olympic Commttee, Eddie Laam Wah Ying, invited guests and performance group of Macau left on November 17 for the closing ceremony of the 1st Asian Indoor Games to be held in Bangkok on November 19.

  Led by Secretary Chui, the guest delegation composed of 19 Macau celebrities will take part in the Games-related activities in the following two days. As the representatives of the host city of the next edition of the Games, the delegates will be invited to the closing ceremony on November 19. On that occasion, Secretary Chui will take over the flag of the Games from Thailand Organizing Committee, marking Macau officially receiving the hosting right of the 2nd Asian Indoor Games. A performance group composed of 31 students from Kao Yip Middle School of Macau will give an 8-minute show at the closing ceremony to promote the 2nd Asian Indoor Games and Macaus cultural features to the 45 OCA members.

  The closing ceremony of the 1st Asian Indoor Games will take place at 17:00 on November 19 at the indoor stadium - Huamark Sport Complex.