China-Macau sport delegation performs well 2005-11-14  MAIGOC

  November 13 marks the first competition day of the 1st Asian Indoor Games. China-Macau sport delegation was in its performance in indoor athletics, Muay and swimming.

  In 25m short course swimming, Lao Kuan Fong finished 50m freestyle in 00:23:43, Ma Chan Wai completed 100m breaststroke in 01:04.68, while Fong Man Wai 200m individual medley with 02:29:08. All of them entered in the finals. In the final, Lao Kuan Fong broke the Macau record with 00:23:07 and won a bronze in 50m freestyle.

  China-Macau sport delegation also put all efforts in indoor athletics. Ieong Loi finished 60m at 7.98 and was listed the 8th to enter in the final. Choi Hong Fai and Chan Weng U were in Mens high jump final with 1.8m made by the former.

  Regarding Muay, Lam Man Chon, 51kg player, was defeated by Uzbekistan athlete. Cheong Fu Man, 54kg athlete, lost the game to Jordan athlete. Lam Man Chun also participated into Wai-Kru yet could not find a place in the top three.

  China-Macau sport delegation will continue to fight for glories tomorrow in dancesport, sport climbing, indoor cycling, fustal (v.s. Thailand), indoor athletics, Muay and 25m swimming..