Macau delegation joined 3 matches on the first day of Muay event 2005-11-14  MAIGOC

  Macau delegation sent 2 fighters to join 3 matches on the first day of Muay event on November 13. Lam Man Chon represented Macau in 51 kg match and Wai-Khru, while Cheong Fu Man in 54 kg match. Although facing strong opponents Khurshid Esankhodjaev from Uzbekistan and Ilfmanil Abu Erfihd from Jordan, Macau fighters performed their best, yet lost the games after their efforts in 3 rounds. Lam Man Chon has an even better performance in 51kg Wai-Khru but still not listed among the top three. On November 14, Lam Man Ho, Mak Chong Man and Lei Wai Un will join in 57kg, 61kg and 71kg Muay, while Cheung. Fu Man, Jang Yong, Wu Chi Kit and Lei Wai Un will participate in 54kg, 61kg, 66kg and 71kg Wai-Khru in the following 3 days.