MOC joins OCA meetings in Guangzhou 2005-09-08  MAIGOC

  Delegations from the Macau 2nd Asian Indoor Games Organising Committee (MAIGOC) and Macau Olympic Committee (MOC) attended several meetings of the 24th general assembly of the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA), including the finance committee, the meeting of secretary generals and the executive board.

  During the finance committee meeting, the organising committee of the Doha 2006 Asian Games (DAGOC) gave an update on marketing and TV broadcasting revenues. DAGOC reported a profit of between US$70 million and US$80 million and expects the figure to rise to US$100 million. The meeting featured a presentation by the organising committee of the Bangkok 2005 1st Asian Indoor Games (BAIGOC), who also reported on their financial situation. The meeting approved the accounts and the audit documents of the OCA. During the meeting, the OCA reallocated some of their funds into the area of IT at multi-sports events.

  Later, Isabel da Silva, the director of international affairs and marketing of the Macau Olympic Committee, represented the MOC secretary general, Cheong Vai Kei, at the meeting of OCA secretary generals. The chairman of the board of directors of MAIGOC, Manuel Silvério, led the delegation at the OCA executive board meeting in the afternoon and presented the progress report on the preparations for the 2nd Asian Indoor Games. This topic was added to the agenda of the OCA general assembly on September 9, when Mr Silvério will give a full report about the venues, human resources, sports events and the registration of trademarks for the 2nd Asian Indoor Games. The delegation also visited the venues in Guangzhou which will stage the 2010 Asian Games, as guests of the organising committee (GAGOC).

  All members of MAIGOC and MOC attended the welcome dinner hosted by the Chinese Olympic Committee and GAGOC. On September 9 the delegation will attend the OCA general assembly and, as chairman of the board of directors of the Macau 4th East Asian Games Organising Committee, Manuel Silvério will present the 4th East Asian Games progress report to the OCA members. The delegation will return to Macau on September 10.