MAIGOC Convenes Board of Directors Meeting 2005-07-19  MAIGOC

  The Macao 2nd Asia Indoor Games Organising Committee (MAIGOC) Board of Directors meeting was held yesterday (19 July) during which members approved the year 2005 budget and discussed arrangements for coming OCA meeting.

  Presided by MAIGOC Chairman of the Board of Directors Manuel Silvério, attendees include Company Secretary Bruno Nunes, Directors Eddie Laam Wah Ying, Hong Wai, Peter Ung Hoi Ian, Allen Lau Cho Un, Wallis O Lam, Isabel da Silva and Eric Chau Ka Lai. MEAGOC Board member Gisela Nunes, Directors Manuel Pinto and João Ribeiro also attended the meeting as observers.

  The Board members discussed and approved the budgets of Macau 2007, 2nd Indoor Games and 1st Lusofonia Games of the year 2005, as well as conferred with the preparations and related materials needed for the future several meetings. These include the OCA Coordination Meeting of 1st & 2nd Asian Indoor Games to be held in Thailand of Bangkok on 28 July; the OCA Secretary General Meeting, OCA Standing Committees’ Meeting, 44th OCA Executive Board Meeting and 24th OCA General Assembly to be held in Guangzhou of China from 7 to 9 September. In addition, approved by the OCA, the large scale promotions of the 4th East Asian Games and 2nd Indoor Games can be held during the OCA General Assembly. For this purpose, a working group organized by 3 people will figure out a plan for the large scale promotions and to extend the information about the preparations for the above Games to visitors from Asia.

  “Since the establishment of MAIGOC, the preparations of the three sizeable multisport games (4th East Asian Games, 1st Lusofonia Games and 2nd Indoor Games) have started on the basis of the idea of further development and maximization of the various resources in Macau. I believe that the details of the 2nd Indoor Games work out at a much larger scale after the 4th East Asian Games in the third or fourth quarters this year” said Manuel Silvério.