President of European Commission Mr. José Manuel Durão Barroso Welcome Macau in hosting the Lusofonia Games 2005-07-17  MAIGOC

  During the meeting with ACOLOP members at the official residence of the Consulate of Portugal in Macau, President of European Commission Mr. JoséManuel Durão Barroso in his Macao trip was introduced to the progress preparations of the Lusofonia Games by President of Portugal Olympic Committee Vicente Moura and 1st Vice President of Macao Olympic Committee Manuel Silvério. In an interview with Lusa News Agency, JoséManuel Durão Barroso said he is glad to see the cooperation between all Portuguese Speaking Olympic Committees which will establish communications and exchanges of the Portuguese Speaking countries and regions with China through sports. He is also happy that the Lusofonia Games will be hosted in Macau October next year.