ACOLOP Approved Arrangements for the 1st Lusofonia Games 2005-07-17  MAIGOC

  At the ACOLOP General Assembly yesterday (17 July), several resolutions were approved, including the official name of the Games – Lusofonia Games (Jogos da Lusofonia), the Emblem and Mascot, the numbers of the athletes and medals, as well as sports venues arrangements.

  Chairman of the General Assembly President of ACOLOP and Portugal Olympic Committee Vicente Moura expressed gratitude to the 1st ACOLOP Games Organising Commission and Macao Olympic Committee for the warm reception. He looks forward to promote the preparations for the Games through discussions.

  Chairman of the Organising Commission Manuel Silvério also thanked the attendees’ support and presence in the meeting.

  “The Macau SAR Government has accepted our Organising Commission suggestion that the hardware and human resources of the 4th East Asian Games will be applied in the 1st Lusofonia Games. In the Shareholders Meeting of the Macao 2nd Asian Indoor Games Organising Committee (MAIGOC) Limited held in 2004, MAIGOC was approved to organise the preparations for the Games and can utilise the available resources in cooperation with the Portuguese Speaking Olympic Committees, as to host the 1st Lusofonia Games successfully” said Manuel Silvério.

  During the Assembly, all members approved the official name of the Games – Lusofonia Games, the Mascot and the Emblem, of which the colour is yet to be approved. It was announced that the Games will be hosted in October next year in Macau. The actual hosting dates of the Games will be decided by the Organising Commission and to be announced to ACOLOP members within six months. Seven sports will be held during the Games, including Football, Futsal, Athletics, Table Tennis, Beach Volleyball, Taekwondo and Basketball.

  The suggestion to include Volleyball in the sports program will be further discussed for approval. A total of 147 medals in the 46 events, including 46 gold, 46 silver and 55 bronze will be awarded. It is estimated that there will be approximately 1,300 athletes and more than 300 technicians arriving in Macau. As with regards to the limitation in age for the Football players, the Organising Commission basically agrees to comply to the Under 23 standard. However, the issue will be coordinated with Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) for a final resolution.

  Five to seven venues will be use as competition venues for the Games, they are: Tap Seac Multisport Pavilion, Macau Stadium, Macau Stadium Pavilion, the Arena and the Theatre of Macau East Asian Games Dome, Macao University of Science and Technology Football field and other available training venues. The venues for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies are yet to be approved.

  Attendees believed that the 1st Lusofonia Games will set an example for future Games, and in consideration of its well development, members of the ACOLOP are required to dispatch Olympic athletes to take part in the Games.

  In the afternoon, the attendees visited sports venues and later attended a gala dinner with representatives of the local Portuguese community. A booth for the 1st Lusofonia Games volunteer recruitment was set at the scene for registration of volunteering work in hospitality, linguistics service and competition.