Manuel Silvério Attends Reception Hosted by the President of the Portuguese Republic in Athens 2004-08-17  MAIGOC

  Mr. Manuel Silvério was invited to attend a reception hosted by the President of the Portuguese Republic, Dr. Jorge Sampaio for appreciating the supports from associations of the Portuguese community. The reception was held onboard the “Marine Flisvos” which was docked at the Sagres Marine College off the shore of the Aegean Sea.

  Expressing his sincere compliments to the President, Mr. Silvério presented a symbolic souvenir that represents the various large-scale sporting events held in Macau. In addition, ideas were shared between Mr Silverio and Dr Sampaio on the sport events and the sports development of the Macau SAR.

  During the reception, Dr. Duarte Ramalho Oritgão, the Portuguese Ambassador in Athens, Mr. Carmona Rodrigues, Mayor of Lisbon, Ms. Rosa Mota, former Olympic gold medallist of Portugal, and other representatives of ACOLOP participated in the event together with the 139 trainees and officials of the Marine College.

  President Sampaio later invited Mr. Silvério to the concert performed by the famous Mr. Rui Leão, the founder of the band “Madredeus”, at the Àgora Romana concert hall at 9 pm that evening.