The 1 st Games of the Association of the Portuguese Speaking Olympic Committees will be held in Macao in 2006 2004-06-23  MAIGOC

  The Association of the Portuguese Speaking Olympic Committees was established in Portugal on the 8th of June. Its purpose is to build up a system to stimulate through sport the cooperation between the Portuguese Speaking countries and regions. Newly elected office bearers were Vicente Moura (President of Portugal Olympic Committee) as President, Manuel Silvério (1st Vice President of Macau Olympic Committee) as Vice President and Rogério da Silva (President of Angola Olympic Committee) as Secretary General.

  The Association’s founding members include Portugal, China Macau, Angola, Mozambique, Guinea-Bissa, Cape Verde, Brazil, East Timor, São Tome and Príncipe, and Equatorial Guinea which is an associate-member country.

  In the constitutional assembly, it was agreed that the 1st Games of the Association of the Portuguese Speaking Olympic Committees would be held in Macao in 2006. The dates for the Games and detailed information about the Games will be developed by Macao.

  Manuel Silvério speaking at a recent press conference said that approximately 1,000 athletes from the 9 countries will participate in these Games at which there will be 3 to 6 events chosen from a list which includes Portugal Futsal, Basketball, Swimming, Athletics, Beach Volleyball and Roller Hockey. He added that due to the anticipated high expenditure, the International Olympic Committee and the Portugal Olympic Committee will take responsibility for some of the costs. It is estimated that the budget required for the Games will be approximately MOP 30 million.. The next assembly of this Association will be held in the middle of August during the period of the Olympic Games in Athens, Greece.

  Ma Iao Hang, Cheong Vai Kei, Frederico Nolasco da Silva, Pau Ma Chong, Lao Hin Chun and Van Kuan Lok all attended the press conference.