What guests thought of Macao, MAIGOC and the Games 2007-11-05  MAIGOC

Congratulations, Macao. You have done Asia proud. The whole Asian sports family is grateful to you for the excellent manner in which the Games have been conducted… Our gratitude goes to the team of MAIGOC who have once again shown that it is not the size of the country but the will of the people which matter.

Sheikh Ahmad Al-Fahad Al-Sabah, Olympic Council of Asia President

I have been in Macao many times, for the East Asian Games in 2005, in 2006, in 2007. I have seen the development of Macao. I know Macao very well… We want Macao to be known for sports, for culture, for social welfare.

Wei Jizhong, Olympic Council of Asia Sports Committee Chairman

Macao is a beautiful city. It's different from our country: the people, the culture, the food. But I really enjoyed it.

Maria Abou Nader, 15 years old, Lebanon Swimming Team

Everything is interesting and wonderful in Macao. The preparation is good, and the atmosphere is warm… Press centers are convenient, so the information to my home country is fast, the news is hot.

Dao Thi Thanh Huyen, Vietnam Television Reporter/Commentator

It's a really wonderful Games…I'm interested in Electronic Sports, and I'm happy they were in the Games.

Naranjrgal Isogtsaikhan, Mongolian National Olympic Committee

On behalf of my team, we appreciate Macao, the city and the people for their hospitality. The Liaison Officers and volunteers really helped us… The opening ceremony was fantastic. Every night they had the Cultural Exchange Village to see the culture of Macao and China. We are very thankful.”

Mukhamadsho Abdulloev, Tajikistan Chief de Mission

We were impressed with the Macao East Asian Games Dome, and the venues are close together. The volunteers are very young and very helpful, and there were quite a lot of them. I came here especially for Extreme Sports, and I was quite impressed with the organization of the competition.

Tan Bee Lian, Singapore Sports Council

Wonderful city, Wonderful people. I like their passion for sports. Even sports they don't play, they are interested to come and watch and to learn. I also like the attitude and spirit of the volunteers.

Tan Sri Dato Seri P. Alagendra, Asian Hockey Federation Secretary General

Macao put on a good show, everything is great. It's good to see success for Macao.

David Chiu, Hong Kong Swim Team Manager

It was all impressive, especially the volunteers. The Liaison Officers were very cooperative. They understand the problems and solve them. I will miss Macao.

Mrinalini, Indian Olympic Association

People in Macao are very wonderful and helpful. There's a helping attitude, and they keep the city very clean. We enjoyed visiting Senado Square. The cultural Exchange Village is really wonderful.

Pradhan Dhruba Bahadur, Nepal National Olympic Committee President

Very good organization and a very nice place

Achille Ferrero, World Underwater Sports Federation President

The first impression is that Macao is highly organized from the physical presence of the city. It's an especially beautiful place. The weather is almost seductive.

Jerry Basi, Indian Deputy Chief de Mission

The Games are amazing. Everything was incredibly well organized. It put all of the sports in a fantastic light.

Chris Mitchell, International Inline Stunt Federation Representative

We liked the people, the buildings and the food.

Hartadi Noutjojo, Indonesian Swim Team Manager

In 1990, [Macao] was nice, but now it's fantastic. The leader of MAIGOC is a very great man. He has a vision for the future. He is very activist and pragmatic. I like his quality of inviting dialogue. In Macao, they don't say no; they listen, and they see what is possible.

Franklin Palma, Cape Verde National Olympic Committee President

It's a good city, a very good organization. I was here four years ago, and it's completely different. They've invested a lot in their city. They want tourists to come here. People are very kind, very warm.

Bahram Pazooki, Iranian Swim Team Manager

People are friendly even though there is a language barrier. A smile says it all. I'd call the Games a smashing success.

Charles Corpus Olympic Council of Asia Anti-Doping Officer

Macao is an alive city, a round-the-clock city. I wish the best for them.

Sharif Mohammad Reza (Iran), Olympic Council of Asia Anti-Doping Officer