Lucky Draw Winners of Game Pass Announced 2007-11-04  MAIGOC

The 2nd Asian Indoor Games finished in a flourish with the announcement of the Game Pass Lucky Draw Winners this morning. Sponsored by CTM - Official Telecommunications Partner, three lucky draw winners will be the ticket holders of No.021389, No.007854 and No.018262.

The next four prizes “Games Getaway Prizes” sponsored by Air Macau – Official Airline Sponsor will go to No.016932, No.004112, No.020068 and No.007960. Three gift packs of the 2nd Asian Indoor Games for the rest of the winners will go to No.003336, No.000227 and No.039211.

In addition, 10 winners from opening ceremony lucky draw are the ticket holders with No.0704998, No.0702852, No.0703198, No.0702494, No.0714850, No.0704285, No.0708189, No.0715583, No.0703817and No.0703589。

The winners from Game Pass and Opening Ceremony Lucky Draw please call MAIGOC at 28839866 for registration as early as possible.