OCA Shows High Attention 2007-11-04  MAIGOC

Eating Outside Causes Food Poisoning

In yesterday's press conference, HE Sheikh Al-Ahmad Al-Fahad Al-Sabah, President of OCA, and Dr. M. Jegathesan, President of Medical Committee, gave comments on the recent suspicious case of food poisoning occurring to the athletes of the 2AIG..

“It's a random case and it's not related with the food provided from the organizing committee or the Hotel. The fact is that no more athletes appeared with these symptoms or gave any warning about the food quality provided by the Organizing Committee. No any complaint about food was heard in any of the daily chef-de-mission meetings. Further, the athletes were eating outside and this could have been many other things.”

“We provide food to more than 3,500 athletes. There will be many more similar cases if the food is really poisoning. I believe it is caused by eating outside,” His Excellency added.

Dr. Jegathesan said, “There were cases of Gastroenteritis and Diarrhea among some of the athletes. The samples we collected and analyzed have not produced any evidence to link this situation to any of the catering activities. It cannot be proved to be food poisoning, since it is quite common that athletes feel inadaptable to local environment when doing competition outside. We believe that the symptoms could have been cause by many outside factors including eating outside of the Organizing Committee Catering Services.” According to Dr. Jega, OCA shall submit a report to MAIGOC after the investigation is made.