OCA and MAIGOC Present Post-Games Report 2007-11-04  MAIGOC

A joint press conference was held yesterday at the 2AIG Main Press Center, where OCA, together with MAIGOC presented a post-games report.

Sitting at the head table were HE Sheikh Ahmad Al-Fahad Al-Sabah as the President of OCA, Husain Al-Musallam, Director General of OCA, Dr. M. Jegathesan, President of Medical Committee, as well as Manuel Silvério, Chairman of the Board of Directors of MAIGOC. The OCA President highly appreciates the achievement that Macao has made for the successful edition. He believes the host city, referring to the inaugural edition in Thailand, has set higher standard and specifications for the further sporting events, a good example and precious reference for the organizers of the following editions. The full support from the 45 countries and regions, as well as the outstanding performance of the athletes not only illustrates the true sportsman spirit, but also enhances the level of competition.

The OCA President also extends his thanks to all 931 media workers for their excellent work during the Games, which is definitely a contribution to promote the Asian sports. Their hard work constitutes a platform to promote the new sports through the 2AIG and share the joy brought about by sports across Asia. The OCA President believes there will be a lot more new experience in Macao.

When giving a sum-up over the Games, the Chairman of MAIGOC emphasized the 2AIG is ever the largest sporting event in Macao with the largest number of overseas guests, after the 4th East Asian Games and the 1st Lusofonia Games. Throughout the course, the Organizing Committee has made good use of their experience in the previous two games and provides the best in every aspect. It is true that there is much room for improvement, yet the feedback shows the majority of the audience, guests and participants are satisfied with MAIGOC’s effort.

There are more than 35,000 attendances ever at the venues during the Games. Popular sports are certainly well-received, while some less-known sports can also draw the public’s attention through the Games, thanks to the broadcasting service in this edition. In fact, the Games provides them an opportunity to clear out their directions and rules for the further development. The head of the Organizing Committee hopes the 2AIG can contribute to the sports circles of Macao and Asia. With the success of this edition, he hopes to earn recognition from the local people and enhance their sense of being part of the city..

Silvério emphasized the success of the Games owes to all Macao people, working members and volunteers, as well as the SAR government, each of them means a lot to the preparation and conduct of the sporting event. The Chairman’s appreciation also goes to President Jacques Rogge of IOC, HE Shiehk Ahmad Al-Fahad Al-Sabah, all representatives of international federations and Asian federations, as well as the 45 participating NOCs. Their strong support proves that Macao has fulfilled its objective to earn a name in overseas community.