Japanese women take down Futsal storm 2007-11-03  MAIGOC

Originated from South America, the Futsal storm today was finally taken at Tac Seac Multisport Pavilion in Macau.

Both Thai and Japanese ladies seemed to have a full warm-up during the first half, without any score and foul but strong attacks and defenses. Only less than 2 minutes after the second half kicked off, Thailand took its rival by surprise and scored the first goal. Cheers erupted from all onlookers in the arena.

Nevertheless, after 12 minutes, with a finger pointed to the goal, the Japanese revenged themselves upon Thai with a goal. In a blink, the same team took a fortress by storm, kicking another goal. In the last three minutes, however, the Thai managed to score one more and draw level with its challenger.

During the 2 extra-time games, both teams appeared to be a bit impulsive, losing the chances to win. Therefore, the game was unbelievably drawn again. In the end, Japanese women won the competition in pk's with 3 perfectly placed shots by Fujita Azumi the captain, Nakajima Shiori and Inada Takako, whereas the amazing goalkeeper Honda Sakae should not be forgotten.

Dressing in his suit, the coach Kyohei Nakamura told local media that the team was not good enough. His futsal player Nakajima was thrilled with excitement though, "I am very happy, we are the best!"

"Japan was strong," the coach from Thailand admitted, "but we will never give up, we look forward to meeting Japan again."