Tail whips, supermen and back flips 2007-11-02  MAIGOC

The show is over at the M.U.S.T. Pavilion, with the last day of competition between the young, dare rand adventurers, kings of emotion and adrenaline.

Bicycle, Inline skating, vert or flatland, as well as climbing, all participants finished the 6 days program of Extreme Sports which was dominated by Thailand team.

Korea was the team who lead by two Gold medals the Climbing events male and female.

In the afternoon the audience watched the BMX Freestyle-Vert, were the two Wanitsakul brothers from Thailand, performed high difficulty performances on the half pipe, claiming Gold and Silver respectively followed by Chen Han Kun, from Chinese Taipei.

As for Inline Skating (Vert) Bronze was also won by Chinese Taipei will two Japanese athletes took Gold and Silver.

  Finally, and back to two wheels in Flatland, Thailand won again Gold and Silver remaining Bronze for Malaysia.